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High Fives

our team

"Teamwork makes the dream work."
- John Maxwell

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Meet Mark Andrews, a dedicated servant of Houston for nearly two decades. As the founder of theCRASH Church ministry, Mark connects children to the message of Jesus through exciting after-school programs. He also serves as a chaplain at Hobby Airport, providing spiritual support to travelers and employees. Alongside his amazing wife, Latisha, founder of Beta Academy charter school, they work to transform their community.

Dana Hinson is not only a dedicated ministerial professional but also a loving wife and mother. When she's not serving the community at

theCRASH Church, Dana finds joy in spending quality time with her family. She especially enjoys hosting gatherings, creating an atmosphere of celebration and warmth. Her personal touch extends beyond her ministry, bringing people together and creating memorable moments of connection and joy.

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Simeon Costa is a world-class Bible scholar and teacher with a passion for connecting people to Jesus through scripture. Following his graduation from  bible college, Simeon embarked on a global journey as an international itinerant speaker for nine years. Inspired by his experiences, he founded Life Study Ministries, a thriving nonprofit focused on supporting local churches through biblical discipleship and evangelism. Presently, Simeon serves as a minister at theCRASH Church, impacting the community through after school programs and home bible studies across the city. Additionally, he serves as chaplain in the Houston Airport System and seeks to bring positive change to our great city.

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