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Grades 6th - 9th

Crash Course offers students a chance to learn leadership skills, interact with their peers, and grow in their faith. Students will experience challenging (often hilarious) group games, thought provoking TED talks, engaging Bible lessons, and small groups.


Below are some helpful answers to questions you may have about Crash Course. You may also email questions to

When & where does Crash Course happen?

Crash Course takes place every Tuesday in the upstairs Beta music room.

What time is Crash Course?

Right after school, the teachers walk Crash Course students to the Beta music room. We begin at 3:55pm. Dismissal is at 4:35pm.

How do I pick up my student?

1) park your car in a parking space

2) students will dismiss to the Beta Gym sidewalk at 4:35pm.

3) at your discretion, you may walk over and pick up student or simply have them walk to 

    your car

What the difference between Crash Course & Crash Club?

Crash Club is for grades Kinder - 5th and Crash Course is for grades 6th - 9th.

How much does Crash Course cost?

Crash Course is absolutely free. It is sponsored and funded by theCRASH Church as a free community program for students.

What about safety?

Student safety is our priority. We have a team of helpful volunteers who have passed background checks, received training, and are committed to creating a fun and safe environment. We keep doors locked during the program and only authorized adults are allowed in. Volunteers stay with students during dismissal until all students are picked up.

What if my student is in after care?

Parents can tell their after school/daycare providers to pick up students from the Beta Gym at 4:35pm during Crash Course dismissal.

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